Here you will find skin packs for the R4 DS card. We noticed that a
lot of the skin and theme sites did not offer packs and just single
skin downloads, don’t get us wrong we think these other sites are great and you are able to browse their entire collection online and pick the individual skins you would like, but we also think that
having theme packs of 50 to 500 skins for the R4 DS to be able to
download in one file a needed thing as well.
Abstract R4DS Skin Pack

R4 DS Skins Pack Abstract

The abstract r4 ds skin pack is for
those people that like the out there
artistc look, these skins truly are
amazing works of art.
Movies Skins Pack May 22, 2008
Movies pack added to
the skins section.
Cars Skin Pack April 16, 2008
Cars pack added to
the skins section.
April 9, 2008
Sci-Fi pack added to
the skins section.
R4DS Is A Revolution For Your NDS

The R4 DS is the most
popular slot-1 card for
DS consoles, it also has the largest skin collection of any other flash card.
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